Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year In Review - Part 2

Christmastime was quite a busy time for me. Between shopping, getting ready to go out of town, and work I had too much to do.  I have been anxiously awaiting to share the rest of my cards with you. Check out my work and leave me a comment.

Thoughts and Prayers - My sister needed this card for one of her clients at work.  I had no idea of what to make, but I thought something simple would do the trick.  She absolutely loved it! 

Thank You - A good friend of mine moved away to New York to get his Masters Degree.  He asked me to make thank you cards for him. I happily accepted. After meeting with him to get his thoughts on what he wanted, this is what he chose:

Simple Thank You Card

Sunrise Thank You Card

The Simple Thank You was for the ladies and the Sunrise Thank You was for the guys.  I had lots of fun making these and my friend was very pleased with the results.

A Rose for a Rose: This next card was made for my sister who just had a baby in August.  My nephew had quite a rocky start in this world when he and my sister were rushed to the hospital where he was delivered about six weeks early.  These cards were given to the doctors, nurses, and emergency professionals that helped her that during her trying time.  I truly enjoyed making this card because its simple beauty makes you want to smile.

Rose Thank You Card

Miracle Baby Birth Announcement – As I stated before, my nephew got off to a bit of a rough start, but God’s grace kept him.  He is now a healthy baby and he is about to be four months old.  My sister was so happy to have him here that she wanted to share him with friends and family.  So it was only natural that I make the birth announcements. They came out beautifully. I was proud of my work and my sister was ecstatic to have them. 

Miracle Baby Birth Announcement

Happy Birthday To You - My younger sister’s birthday was in November.  This was my first Z-Fold Card and it was really simple to make.  The patterned paper I got from my local craft store is perfect for a birthday card.  It’s fun, festive, and cheery! Wouldn’t you like to get this card for your birthday?!

 Yummy Birthday Card

Merry Christmas – Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love the music and all of the things the season brings.  Poinsettias are the favorite flower for the Christmas season, so I decided to use this flower to make cards for friends and family.

 Poinsettia Card

Well, that’s everything.  I hope that you have enjoyed everything I have made this year.  I am proud of what I have accomplished and look forward to doing so much more in 2012.  Please leave comments about the cards.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  Until next time, be creative in all you do!

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